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Tramadol is the cure. I have suffered with RLS for a long time and the only time the Tramadol doesnt work is when I run out. Get it and you will forget about RLS.

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By thr way, I originally found this site HOPING that there was a home remedy for RLS, because as I explained I have a serious fear of doctors and will not go to one unless I am injured. I tried many of the things on this site such as various types of vitamins. I even put a bar of soap in the bed (knowing that if it does work for anyone, it is the placebo effect.) The dog chewed the bar of soap and it of course had no effect. Nothing works except prescription meds. RLS is neurological and has to do with dopamine levels. Don't suffer see a doctor, get meds.

Im so tired

its 230 am and here i am looking up rls,I have been taking tram for years due to rls and ran out last night, I have been up sense 530 am and worked a full day. I wish I was not here looking at this site but fast asleep, Tram works! yes its addictive , I have found that out but, that it worth a good night sleep!!! KODOS JEFF


Hello Mr. I'm So tired, I agree. As you know, We are ALL ADDICTED TO SLEEP, and I am sure that we will live much longer getting some sleep than trying to work, drive, and live a miserable life without sleep. As a matter of fact, I am SO addicted to sleep that I NEED IT EVERY NIGHT so if there is something that allows me to sleep, I guess that I will take it every night. Good Luck!


Thanks to all on this site for your posts. I have had RLS for 10 years. My mother had it when they had diagnoses for it, I remember her talking about her legs walking at night. SO I thought it was heredity. I started to take Xanax -1/2 a pill so I could sleep through the 4:00 on the nose,, A.M RLS. Seems that in my sleep pattern this is when it attacks. My Dr didn't want me to get addicted to Xanax and took me off of it. I rose to the challenge and take nat sleep pills, Quinine Water, Mag and everything I can read about. I am so fed up. I did see some post about electrical 'Tens' method and also acupuncture. Any results here with Acupuncture? Could I have gotten this from taking
Prozac for too long with depleted dopamine uptake?


I find that 10 min walk a very hot shower and a about 3 hits of Mary Jane gives me 45 min of relief and time go to sleep

painful pregnancy

I definitely agree that tramadol (or lack of it) flares up RLS. For some, including myself, it is horrible to come off of. I usually take 4 a day and now that I am pregnant, I am trying (again) to wean myself off. I only took 2(50mg) as opposed to my regular 4 and I was up all damn night. Took everything I had to not take one. It sucks for everyone, but I feel like it's a double edged sword for me. I have chronic back problems and have used tramadol (along with other narcotics for years). But having an underlying issue with RLS just makes it worse to not take the tram. Granted, my RLS generally isn't as bad as all of yours, but always flares up when pregnant and different meds flare it up. In my case, coming off the tram is the worse. It's about the benefits outweighing the risks. If it's what works for you, that's great. But if it's something new to you.... use with caution. It may be great now.... but worse when you decide you no longer want to take it.


I agree with many of the posts - the ones that say that when it will be hard to get off Tramadol. I agree. The other night I decided that I no longer want to sleep at nights. I mean sleep, what a waste of time? Luxurious life giving sleep. Why do I want to be able to stay awake at work or while I am driving? Since I have given up on ever sleeping, I have no need for the Tramadol. Boy this is really hard! WHAT ARE YOU PEOPLE THINKING? You want to sleep every night right? Every night for the rest of your life right? The Tramadol allows you to sleep right? THERE YOU GO!


was taking tramadol for two weeks and have stopped. now I'm in so much crampy dull pain with rls no sleep in 5 days


I'v suffered with RLS for 30 yrs without finding anything that helped. Until 4 yrs ago when I had cancer in the small intestine & was prescribed Tramadol. Although it takes a couple of hours to relieve the symptoms for me, its the only thing that has ever helped. No one can have a perfect sleep pattern. I am on my feet from 4.00am till 5.00pm, I get plenty of exercise up & down stairs, I don't drink alcohol or caffeine, I have a hot bath before bed, I keep cool in bed..... none of it works for me. So if Tramadol is the only thing that relives RLS for me then I will carry on taking them regardless of any side effects.


I know this comment is old, but incase anyone else ever happens to stumble upon this site DO NOT TAKE TRAMADOL FOR Restless Leg issues!!!! I have restless leg issues and ended up here BECAUSE of getting off tramadol. The withdraws are dreadful. I laid on the floor for three days shaking, vomiting, burning up, yet cold at the same time, and I only sleep 2 hours a night at a time because of my d*mn legs!!! Do NOT TAKE TRAMADOL. When you eventually stop taking it. Will make it 100x worse.

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