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Tramadol is the cure. I have suffered with RLS for a long time and the only time the Tramadol doesnt work is when I run out. Get it and you will forget about RLS.

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Het SK, as we are all ADDICTED to sleep, why would one stop taking the tramadol?


You know I hate sleeping on the floor EVERY NIGHT for 25 years now because the hardness of the floor against the muscles in my legs is the only way that I can get relief. You know I hate that even then I can not fall asleep until the wee hours of the morning. I hate that the best years of my life were spent getting at most four hours of sleep a night and sometimes only one or two. I hate moaning in agony because my legs ache so much. I hate that on really bad nights the pain goes into my back and shoulders. I hate eating ALL night because I can not sleep. AND I REALLY HATE some hippy telling me that I should not find relief and a few hours of real sleep because I could become ADDICTED. Hello, I am addicted to sleep and will live much longer with six hours of sleep a night even if that means taking a narcotic pain reliever every night for the rest of my life. Placebos do not work for me and NATURAL is NOT always BETTER. Poison ivy, snake venom, and tobacco are also natural, but I hope the hippies are not recommending them as well.


Hey SK, I must have really rattled your cage at the ashram. Everything is a chemical whether you think its natural or not. But you said it all when you said you were an addict.


Jeff, thank you for your suggestions! My spiritual director is 90 years young and experiences issues with RLS. I too avoid all 'big' pharmaceuticals and rely on the herbs and plants from which those compounds are derived. God bless you!


Google tramadol side effects and withdraws. You'll think twice before calling someone a hippie that's trying to help you avoid more discomfort than you already have. And not everything 'comes from nature' tramadol, a synthetic opiate and antidepressant, is far from natural. It'll take time, but the day will come when you understand. God bless and be well.


Ive heard years ago that tramadol works for RLS and ut was by accident that my friend figured that out, it does work, and if you take meds the way you should then becoming and addict wont be a concern, great tip Jeff! :) thanks for helping to confirm what my friend found!


Tramadol is only addictive if your not in pain when you take it, otherwise you don't get the high. I only take it when in actual pain to avoid this. This is all information the my nurse mother told me about.


Hey Jeff...I bet you're morbidly obese. Watch the movie 'Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead'. Do it. I dare you. You can get your life back.


I don't know who the commentator is whom clearly disagrees with 'Jeff,' but I do know that you sound like a complete A-hole and should leave the guy alone. He didn't attack you... So, quit it with your bullshit. This is supposed to be a common place for commentary to help others deal with this gross disease; not a place to judge. Grow the hell up and if you dont have anything nice to say, well then; Don't say it at all!!


Funny thing is, I am not the one making the original posts about Tramadol. I have had RLS for at least my adult life. I have slept on the floor every night for the last 25 years (yes even in hotels - oooh, yuk) because the hardness of the floor against the muscles in my legs give me some relief. All of the serious literature says that RLS is caused by a lack of dopamine. There is some indication that in some few cases, it may be caused by low iron levels. In any case there is no home remedy for RLS, you need to see a doctor. NOW TO MY PROBLEM. I have an irational, fear, hatred, anxiety about Doctors. As I told one Doctor, they have an omnipotance like Santa Claus - they know when we have been naughty or nice. THAT IS MY PROBLEM and I realize that it is a mental illness. I would rather suffer than go to the Doctor. Well a little over a year ago I stumbled upon some pain killers left over from injuries/illnesses when I HAD to see a doctor. Those times were for a scratched cornea, torn ligament, diverticulitus, and my son's wisdom teeth. By using the pain killers on special occasions I was able to get about 25 nights sleep over the course of a year and a half. The pain killers were hydrocodone, percocet, tramadol and codeine. TWENTY FIVE glorious nights of sleep. The narcotics dulled the pain and made me drowsy. TWENT FIVE nights of closing my eyes and waking up SIX HOURS later when the most I have ever slept in one stretch for TWENTY FIVE years is two hours. So folks, forget the voodoo and see a doctor. Hopefully he can help you because there is nothing that you can do at home for RLS. I wish that I could bring myself to see a doctor. By the way, if the alternative is exhaustion and falling asleep while driving or during a meeting at work, why not take meds every night? The alternative to meds may be death.

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