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One relieved mama

There is hope!! My 16 y.o. son had a horrible case of 'p'. We've tried prescription steroids, visits to dermatologist, etc. No improvement. After reading everyone's 'remedies' on this website, we combined about 6 of them and rotate......... Not really sure if it's the combination of all or just one of them, but we are finally seeing improvement!! He just started wearing short sleeve shirts again in public! :) He takes zinc and vitamin D every night (just read where a lot of people take it twice a day, so we'll add that to the routine!). We also rotate the following: dab lesions with apple cider vinegar; mixture of olive oil, two drops of calendula oil and one drop oregano oil- apply to lesions; two parts castor oil to one part wheat germ oil -apply to lesions;1 cup milk w/ oil added to bath & soak; soak in epsom salt bath. He also uses aloe vera gel (the kind for sunburn relief) after his shower.

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Hi there, Just reading your info regarding your you know if washing your hair with the Apple Cider Vinegar would help psoriasis on the scalp? I don't want to try it and loose my


I don't really know how the apple cider vinegar would work on the scalp....... I'm sorry! :)

We took my son to his pediatrician last week and he was so impressed with how the psoriasis has cleared up that he wants me to write down the remedies we've been using ...... he might start suggesting some of them to his patients who don't see an improvement with other types of treatment!! I so wish we had taken 'before' and 'after' pictures.


Your natural remedies inspired me a lot. I would like to know more about your son psoriasis remedies.
I do rinse my scalp with apple vinegar+argan essential oil+water and my hair now is thicker, no more hair loss yeaayyy oh well but for the psoriasis still need more improvement remedies. Hope you would share :)


The natural remedies I mentioned are the only ones we use at this point (did recently add Biotin to vitamin regime). The only other thing that I didn't mention was that we had read that certain foods can affect 'P', like sandwich meat, etc. My son ate ham, salami and cheese subs EVERY day for like two years!! He finally got tired of them and stopped eating them so often..... his 'p' started clearing up after that, but that was also the time we started the holistic remedies. Not really sure if that contributed to the improvement or not?! Since we aren't sure if any specific thing has helped improve the 'p', we're still using a combination of all I had initally listed. I should note that my son does still have occasional 'break outs' of 'p', but it'll be more like 10 or 20 lesions compared to his entire body! If we come up with anything else that works,I'll post it! Good luck! :)

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