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Arbil Klamp

This has been a sure fire remedy every time and is NOT a joke. It usually takes over night but is better than chemical laxatives or fiber powders(in fact it's worked better for me than those). Several hours before going to bed , around supper time, I eat as many canned chili beans as I can heated in the microwave and mixed with raw onions, MILD picante sauce, and a handful of low sodium Fritos.(Pinto beans in chili sauce. Found in the canned beans section) It's sort of a dumbed down version of Frito Pie. ENJOY and then go to bed. If things aren't moving with your first cup of coffee in the morning then here's the trick for motivating things that has NEVER failed me after eating beans the night before. Pour chilled strawberry soda in a bowl and add ten or so prunes. I eat the prunes with a spoon so I can get a slurp of strawberry soda with each bite(I really like the taste of this anyway). Everyone is different, but for me it takes effect in about an hour and a half. I would suggest that you be near a bathroom after you eat the prunes! For me this doesn't just liquefy and go around clogged beans, it CLEARS me out! I can actually feel lower back pain going away and a feeling of lower abdominal freedom(if you've ever been really constipated you know what I mean). I discovered this remedy when I was injured and prescribed narcotic pain medication. I was told it could constipate and that I should drink lots of water. Two days into taking the medication I was very constipated. I just thought about foods that normally helped keep me regular and focused on those. Basically, beans, onions, picante sauce, coffee, and prunes. If you don't like my ingredients then that's too bad, I just know this remedy has NEVER failed me.

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Wow!!!You've got to be kidding!! Maybe you need to have a healthier diet. That food sounds like a recipe for indigestion and heartburn. And strawberry soda??? Sounds like BS!

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