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I am pretty sure that I had an abscessed tooth, because the pain was so horrible. Whatever you do, DO NOT put ibprofin on the gum - it will destroy your gum tissue. Since my dental insurance doesn't kick in for another month, I made an appointment with my general doctor under the categorie of 'jaw pain', and I got her to prescribe me an antibiotic - (to kill any kind of infection or bacteria). The trick to healing the pain was to first take two midols (they are amazing - numbs the whole face!) then gargle warm salt water, and then put adult orajel over the gum to ease the pain until the midol kicked in. I was taking 600mg ibprofin and Vicodin, and they didn't cut it for me - the midol did the trick as well as the antibiotic known as amoxil. Hope this helps!

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All of what you mentioned is not recommended for an expectant mother.


Nothing in her advice says she is an expectant mother

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