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It has been a long time with these warts and just kept getting more, it stressed me right out i thought nothing would work. Beleive me, i tried everything. Finally the past month everyday i would put crazy glue on them to suffercate the virus. They are all gone and i am soooo happy. Try it, it works. Good luck.

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Go to a poditrist. 15 minute procedure to remove the wart. They spray liquid nitrogen near the area to numb the foot, then an ijection of pain killer. Then the doctor 'cuts' it out. Not a big deal at all.


yes but some people are affarid to have it 'cut' out like me so simple crazy home remidies make it so you have too and some can work like with the crazy glue


FYI: cutting it will NOT be a sure fire final treatment. It CAN come back in same place and bigger , because now it has more injured tissue to spread to. This happened to my 8 yr old. We treated it with acid for a few months, then before summer vacation, we did not want to have to fool with it any longer and she opted for the shot and the cutting out. She did not cry or scream or jump, but said it hurt really bad. If an 8yr old can do it,... you finish the statement.... but BEWARE. it can come back. It is a VIRUS.


My daughter had them cut out and they came back within a year. :(

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