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To END, YES, I said END, LEG Cramps, Take a teaspoon of vinegar once a day. I take mine at night. It not only got rid of my leg cramps, but gives me a general feeling of well being. Dr. Oz has long touted its benefits and after a night of being awakened several times with cramps, I decided to give it a try and have to admit that it WORKS!

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Does it work immediately? As in right after the firsose? If not, when did it kick in? I can't bear mine anymore. They're constantly cramping and nothing helps. Do you just take it straight, or mix it?


vinegar doesn't work for me--essential oils work really fast. Put a few drops of almost any oil in some body lotion and rub on cramps. Within a few seconds the cramps are gone. Try peppermint oil or spearmint or just about any oil.


Apple cider vinegar is mybe a little more tolerable and it really DOES work :)

Marilee in Indiana

I've been waking up 6 - 10 times a night with foot & leg cramps and haven't had a decent nights sleep for some time. Out of desperation, & knowing vinegar is good for you in may ways; I took 3 - 600mg. APPLE CIDER VINEGAR TABLETS in the early evening, & THEY WORKED !!! Yeaah ! Relief


Do you add the vinegar to anything or just drink it plain?


Apple cider vinegar! It works!


Great advice! I had the same thing nearly died too. They said at hospital. I would have maybe live another 8 hours had I not got to hospital when I did. Transfusions, steroids and a bone marrow biopsy.


2 tbs apple cider works almost 60 sec. It tastes yucky but it works!

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