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Fifteen years ago I had severe hives that just would not go away using everything suggested by medical doctors. A friend was studying homeopathic medicine and suggested Runs To. This is in some health food stores and other places that carry this type of item. My husband and I sat in the car after I came out of the store. I dissolved the recommended number of tiny pellets under my tongue - within 5 minutes we watched these humongous hives disappear! I only took the Runs To pellets less than five times and have had no ,ore hives. I have many, many allergies & asthma and have been on zyrtec, singular and benydryl. Have appointment with new allergist Thursday and have been off meds 5 days now - two more before appointment. Have had horrible hives the last two days. Today I am going to find Rus Tox and take it. After being without hives for so many years these are almost unbearable again.

Suggestion to those that have not found relief through regular MD - find a certified homeopathic person in your area any go see them - a trained, certified natureopathic (spelling not correct) person can do wonders for you.. Unfortunately they are not easy to find. That's why I am going to see an allergist.

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Sorry what exactly are the pellets called? I can't find anything for 'runs'
Thanks so much


I think you mean Rhus Tox, which is a homeopathic remedy made from poison ivy. It's only one of the possible remedies for hives. You have to find the remedy and strength that work for your case. Google 'homeopathic remedy hives' and find a list of possible remedies, with good descriptors and try to match the best remedy for your symptoms. Likely you'll find: Apis, Urtica Urens, Rhus Tox, Nat. Mur., Arsenicum -- a list like that. Read details.

BTW, I've tried the hot water solution (which increases and exhausts the body's histamine production for 8 hrs). After horrible itching under the hot water, yes, you do get relief until the body can produce more 8 hours later. But the cost is not worth it imo. Swelling, red, sometimes breaking out, and it will last for many weeks or months. NOT GOOD.

Hermione Hairpie

Homeopathy is a scam. You didn't cure your hives by taking sugar pills. The fact that your hives 'disappeared' in five minutes of taking these pills means that you never had genuine hives to begin with. The only thing it proves is that you are bonkers and I feel sorry for your husband who is stuck married to a whack job such as yourself.

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