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Jessi T

what i have found that helps the most (for me) is to put plain jane or sensitive toothpaste directly on the tooth that is painful. i tried a lot of the home remedies i have seen on here and this one has worked the best for me. i have been suffering for days and i have been trying to find a solution that will make me comfortable enough to go to sleep as it is 3:30am =/ toothpaste has definately worked the best for me. hope it does some of you some good as well.

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ibuprofen 800 from doctors visit works wonders. i have gum disease with wisdom tooth coming on bottom left jaw.the gums from my bottom canines are deteriorating,my whole jaw and head hurts bad. its 6:00 am now and i have no ibuprofen 800, and omg sleep is impossible right now. hydrocodine 10 dont work,morphine dont work but those ibuprofen are a gift from god to me.completely takes away the pain for eight hours when you pop two. my throat hurts too. the best way to take them is on a empty stomach,trust me i take 4 a day when possible.


I cant believe this guy says take ibuprofen on emtpty stomach !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ignore what he is saying. that will absolutely eat the lining out of your stomach. You are an idiot dear sir !


thank god i read this. tooth paste saved my life. your'e a hero. the pain is just mild and feels okay enough to carry on.


Pain meds don't seem to help some times. Found this post and put tooth paste on a q tip directly on the hole in my tooth, trying to pack some in. I am not pain free, but it's world's better then it was, and with not being in a position to goto the doctor or store, this should get me through the night, thank you!


Yes this definitely helped! Who would have knew that plain toothpaste! Thank you!

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