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I've been reading alot of remedies on this site from others, and have tried a few here and there but nothing has really helped with my stretchmarks in particular..
Abit about myself, i'm 18 years old and i'm quite tall.. 5'11 to be exact and weigh 70kg, but anyways i've had stretchmarks since i was about 15 years old so i don't really know what its like to walk around in a bathing suit because i've been too embarrassed to due to my horrible stretchmarks, i've got them almost everywhere: on my arms, back of my arms, breasts, and sides of my stomach and legs.. they aren't that noticeable but the worst stretchmarks are on my shoulders i've tried everything and asked around everywhere but everybody has said there is no way of getting rid of them.. ive tried absolutely everything guys, i guess im one of those unfortunate ones! i think i will try laser stretchmark removal or dermarolling when i get enough money together.
But honestly guys i don't think there is really anyway of getting rid of themm but i recently have put together a bunch of oils which have helped with the appearance of them, they use to be really purple but since using my remedy its faded dramaticallly but not completely gone which is good enough for me haha all i used was:

- Busby pure tissue oil
- 100% pure coconut oil
- Palmers skin therapy oil
- tea tree oil
- Palmers cocoa butter

I got all these from a local chemist quite cheap so its affordable, the only thing i did to these products was that i poured half tea tree oil into the palmers skin therapy oil.. but i apply all these ingredients 3 times a day once after my shower in the morning, at lunch time ,and after my shower at night i spend time rubbing each oil into my skin kind of in a circular motion till they turn redish it takes about 15minutes.. when i wake up usually my skin is soft and the stretchmarks are not as noticeable but you can still tell they are there.. hope this helps for those will horrible stretchmarks like mine but YES atleast mine faded a little which was good enough for me :)

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