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I tend to get very itchy an irritated eyes quitw often, escpecially in warmer seasons. I usually just just put ice on my eye. It's not exactly a special or complicated remedy, but it helps all the same.

Note that I close my eyes and then apply the ice, removing when my eye gets cold. The cold numbs the eye and keeps pain down, while water that gets in the eye helps a lot.

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Cinda Myricks

Contact with dust can make the eyes go dry and itchy. Wearing sunglasses is a good way to avoid this.It is always good to have frequent eye check ups to make sure that your eyes are fit and fine. Evergreen Eye Centre in Toronto is a good place to go for check ups.


I have allergies and tried this worked great for me I crushed my ice and put it on my rag ( a wet rag worked best to get colder fast)it numbs the itch pretty well after id say 10-20 minuets my eye was numb and I could fall asleep

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