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I have had this occur 3 times now, I have no idea why it happens but I think I've figured out how to get rid of it quickly before it gets bad.

The beginning symptoms for me are my top lip gets a little puffy and if I look close there are some little bumps around the outer part of my upper lip. The first time I just thought my lips were chapped and they got the embarrassing painful cracks in the corners because I didn't do anything but put chapstick on.

So now I know what it is and treat it immediately. Here is what I do- I don't know if parts of it are irrelevant or not but this is the combo I did that worked.

1. Wash your lips for 1-2 minutes with face soap that contains salicylic acid- get the corners of your mouth good.

2. Apply rubbing alcohol with a q-tip (this is before any open cracks occur- it would probably sting bad if you have open cracks)and(I used hand sanitizer the first time til i could go buy rubbing alcohol)

3. Apply Tinactin or another jock itch cream (angular chelitis is fungal, pharmacist recommended this)

4. Try to do this 4-5 times a day til it's gone

My thinking is that you need to keep it dried out because fungus cannot survive in a dry environment. You don't want to get cracks though so keep the tinactin on or use Vaseline which is also supposed to create a moisture barrier and not let moisture in while still preventing cracking.

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