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Hello ladies,
I've found a new remedy that worked for me -- the TEA TREE OIL! I've had recurring BV for the past 2 years & i did a lot of research and tried all possible treatment from doctor's prescription meds to home remedies but these only gave me temporary relief and then brings me back again to frustration after a week or two when BV recurs. I initially bought the tea tree oil & mixed few drops of it with water as a douche but this didn't worked until i gave up.

Here's what i did. One day, I just thought about neutralizing the bad smell with the tea tree oil (and not really expecting that this would treat me totally!) So, I wet my middle finger with 2 to 3 drops of 100% pure tea tree oil and insert my finger to my vagina in as far as i could. I did this twice a day (one in the morning and one before going to bed) and i've noticed that the awful smell started to diminish on the 4th day. I continued doing this for one week and i'm surprised that the smell was totally gone. The following week, i lessened my remedy to once a day only (before i go to sleep) & i still felt good w/o any smell. Then on the 3rd week, i only do this remedy twice a week and gradually tapering it to once a week on the following week and that awful smell never came back. Now it's been more than 3 months that i'm free from BV but i still do my remedy once a week. Three menstrual periods had passed now (the days before my period was usually the time when i notice that the awful smell was really strong) and i haven't experienced that awful smell anymore! And by the way, i never douche anymore since i started this remedy for almost 4 months now. Just this simple drops of 100% pure tea tree oil treated me! I've never felt so relieved in the past 2 years but just these recent months. :-) Hope this remedy could help you too!

Just an important note though:
Make sure that you wash your hands thoroughly and just a gentle wash of your vagina with a mild soap (i use Ivory liquid body soap, unscented) before you do this procedure. Also, make sure that the finger with the tea tree oil does not touches your urinary meatus (the hole where the pee comes out) but only your vaginal opening/canal to avoid urinary tract infection.

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Is there a specific type of tea tree oil I should use?


just ask for %100 tea tree oil.


For me that took away the fish smell but the it started to make my vagina smell like urine

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