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Okay, I'm a 51 y/o heterosexual male that has had numerous relationships and a few one night stands. That being said and out of the way... The past 5 months I've had terrible itching and odor for a couple of months. I thought it was piles but discovered that when I went to the doctor for a check up it was something else. The doctor described it as a scaly growth but wouldn't give it a diagnosis till after it was biopsied and sent to a lab. Thankfully the results came back negative for cancer and my pile surgery went well. However a couple months later after the sitz baths the scaly area started to multiply and became very irritated especially when having bowel movements. I was told that it was a yeast type infection by a doctor at a clinic and began treating it with different yeast infection type products but had very limited results. So, I decided to try a combination of bi carbonate baking powder with 2 teaspoon apple cider vinegar and a 1 teaspoon of grape seed extract oil mixed into a paste. I cleaned the area first with a baby wipe that I rinsed in warm water to rid of any harsh chemical then dried the area. I then applied the paste and it felt great; no burning as described in other posts. I'm hoping that this will help kill the virus and I can go on to a normal life. I'm going to apply this for the three weeks twice a day and I hope I have some encouraging words to write after that time has passed. Thanks

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