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Tara Hillson

Two or three years ago my daughter got toe fungus. It looked like the top of her toe was been eaten away. It was pretty nasty so I did some on-line research to figure out what it was. To be sure, I took her to a doctor who confirmed toe fungus. He of course prescribed a medication. I can't remember what it was called but I do remember it was just under two hundred dollars and had some severe side effects that to me was not worth the risk. I came to this site and spent hours and hours scouring through the posts. This is what we did for her and 3 years later, she has not had a recurrence and it cost me all but $30.00 CDN.

I bought 2 small storage boxes the perfect size for soaking feet. I got a big tub of apple cider vinegar, a big package of brand new cotton socks and a toe fungus ointment cream with the highest concentration of undecylenic acid I cold find.I found it in the same isle that has products for athlete foot. I tried to find undecylenic acid in local health food stores but never found it so I took a gamble on the toe fungus cream.

Several times a day I made her soak her feet for 10-20 minutes in warm water and apple cider vinegar. After the soak, she applied the ointment and put on fresh socks every single time. She did this several times a day for about 2 weeks until no evidence of the fungus could be seen. After the fungus started clearing we could see it had eaten away most of her big toe nail and we were worried she would loose the nail but it grew back to normal and three years later, she remains fungus free. It has never returned.

Why am I posting now? I've been a sufferer of cold sores since childhood and once again my search for natural remedies brings me to this site. I thought I would add my experience since it appeared to be very successful for my daughter.I strongly encourage people to try natural anti fungals before paying for any pharmaceutical.

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Take two 1,000 mg L-lysine every day for about three months. I recommend breaking the tablet into a powder for absorption in the upper GI tract. After three months, take one tablet each day for about another three months. The cold sores should diminish. Then when you feel one coming on, chew a couple of L-lysine tablets each day for several days. It worked for me and I was a sufferer so bad that physicians previously inoculated me with small pox vaccine to control my outbreaks in cold sores/fever blisters to aid in my severe condition. The L-lysine remedy was discovered in the 1980's. I tried it and found it really works.


I used to get cold sores often. My Dr. suggested changing my toothpaste, sounds rediculous I know, but it worked. I haven't had a cold sore in over 6 months. If you research it you will find there is an ingredient in most toothpaste that triggers cold sores in some people. The toothpaste my Dr. recommend is sensodyne pronamel but there may be others as well.


Ear wax is the bomb! Years ago i worked on the railroad and a nice old black man saw me in the restroom putting what ever junk i was using at the time on my bleeding lip. He asked me if i wanted to be rid of the fever blisters once and for all and told me just to put my finger in my ear and spred the light coating of ear oil on to my lip. 37 years later i have had one small blister and it came up in the shower and i had to wait a little while for my ears to build up enough oil to apply to my lip. Sounds gross but you allways have it with you and i was to the point of using anything and it's free


Valtrex for cold sores - nothing else works. you have to take it as soon as you feel it coming on . Cold sores are a herpes virus that live on the nerve in your face. Cold sores usually appear on the lips, but can also be on the cheeks & in the nose ( that's what I used to get).After using it for a year or so when I had an outbreak, I quit getting them.


Thanks for the comments friends. I started the the l-lysine treatments 2 years ago. I take it in a cold sore formula with other immune boosting herbs. Every time I get sick, my lips get super dry during a stressful period I take this stuff. After getting 3-6 episodes a year for 20 years, I have not had a cold sore in two years. It really works!


I don't remember the ratio of apple cider viniger to's been many years.

The socks I put through hot wash twice but we did re-use them and it worked just fine. Sorry for the delayed reply folks. I didn't get a notification of these replies.

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