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I had a broken tooth start hurts really bad. It made my ear, head, and mouth hurt so bad I was crying. I tried salt water and heat, with no relief. I got on here and was reading some of the other ideas, so I went and got the garlic powder and rubbed it on my gums around the broken tooth and then I mixed garlic powder & water and swished it around in my mouth. After about 5 minutes, the pain was cut in half, so then I kept reading and someone said to take Vick Vapor rub on the cheek in the area of the bad tooth and with 5 minutes the pain was GONE!

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Dosent work..


Tried it and it worked


is this on the inside or outside of the mouth with vicks rub


Thank you for Vicks suggestions. Helped with my cracked tooth.


I told my daughter about this bc she has been in severe pain for two months from a very bad cracked tooth.... and it worked. So thank you for sharing.


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It's 1am and I can't sleep Coz of this throbing toothache...but thank the heavens for this page...

Just rinsed my mouth with a shot of jack and instantly the pain disappeared. Am so happy I'll sleep like a baby today. I also crushed garlic and laid it on my tooth to get rid of any infection. Thank you guys.

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