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Hi this blog is amazing... very informative.. I've been suffering from hemorrid on and off for past few years.. initially they subsided on their own without any medical or home remedies but are getting more n more painful every time they reoccur now.
The most obvious thing I observed is that they reoccur almost instantly (next morning) if I have a meal loaded with spices and chillies. If coupled with alcohol (rum,Scotch,vodka or whiskey) they will sprout out like bloody cherries n make our normal life miserable.
Its been bothering me since past 2 days now... with some help from this blog, I have increased my water intake to almost 3 times of what I normally had (2-3 liters is what I normally consume), trying to eat more raw salads n fruits, and almost have had nothing hot n spicy. Its helping a little but nothing significant.
I'm also taken these ayurvedic tablets named piles (2 tablets twice a day) and using an ointment once suggested by a doc (ano-bliss). Little help this time around though..
I'm looking forward to try a couple of home remedies to make life little easy.
The problem is it gets really uncomfortable n stings n pains even when I cough or sneeze or let a fart go..
Also what I noticed this time around is that its more painful when I sleep or lie down...
What thoroughly is confusing me on the blog is that some recommend ice n most a hot water bath...
Lookin forward to hear something for my particular problem...
Thanks in advance..

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I am 24yo. I have constipation problems since age of 10. Because of my massive straining every time I had bowl movement, it caused me to have hemorrhoids. It is the most uncomfortable, disgusting, embarrassing, painful feeling I experienced for years. My hemorrhoids used to at times pop out of my anus, really, really painful. I thought of this pain being a part of my life, something I can’t correct as ALL OVER THE COUNTER MEDS FAILED. I did my research and today I am absolutely hemorrhoids free, and it was a home remedy. This is how. A friend went to the doctor and paid over $1,000 for rubber band ligation. A week later his hemorrhoids were gone. I said I wish I had $1,000 to take care of mine. I did my research and as it turns out anyone can do it from home.
How I got rid of my hemorrhoids at home: You will need a mirror, tweezers, a black small rubber band. I put the mirror under me, stuck my fingers inside and with hot water open my anus a little wider. Put the rubber band around my tweezers 4 times, with the tweezers I strapped the rubber band on the hemorrhoid. I was scare at first when I did it. Got a little painful but yet I was already used to the pain. It took 2 weeks for it to finally fall off. For them 2 weeks I was dipping myself in Epsom salt baths. Today I fully recover from it. After that one fell off, my butt inside was not swollen no more. The inside swollenness comes from the actual hemorrhoid. Once the hemorrhoid that hangs out falls off, you will see the swollenness inside goes away leaving you a perfect, pain free, hemorrhoids free butt. I love being hemorrhoids free.

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