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If you are allergic or contract poison ivy,take TIDE WASHING 'POWDER' (not the liquid,the POWDER)and mix with a little water in a cup or bowel. It should make a paste then rub it on your poison ivy. It relieves the itching and irritation. Best of all, it really works!!!

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Mc Beth

I have poison ivy now. After reading all this info I decided to rub it with a paste of salt and baking soda. Then took acetone figure nail polish remover. Then I painted it with clear nail polish. Scrubing it with the salt mixture felt really good but it made it more itchy then before I did the scrub. Acetone didn't seem to make it any better. So I thought if I covered from the air getting to it that might work and that is exactly what happen. No more itching. Good luck.


bowels are what you poop from CHECK YOUR SPELLING

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