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I was out in the middle of no where camping got a horrible tooth ache and started searching for anyone with a baby, looking for Oral Gel with no luck at all until I happened upon a group of Native Americans. They gave me some organic ceremonial organic tobacco and told me to dampen it and pack it around my tooth and gums. I was willing to try anything at this point and was completely amazed! It worked in a matter of seconds! It will not heal the infection like goldenseal or garlic but it will stop the pain until you can heal the infection and or you can get to a dentist. I always carry some with me now where ever I go as part of my emergency kit. It did give me a major case of the hiccups for a while and may gross some people out but when your hurting that bad it works! I find it very interesting that no one has posted this old trick so I hope someone finds it helpful. Good luck and follow up with garlic and or golden seal if not a dentist.

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Yes. Im dealing with a golf ball sized abssec at the moment and i was also suprised no one has said anything about tabbaco. I remeber being a kid and getting stung by a bee on my leg, grandma put some wet tabbaco where i was stung and it drew out the stinger! Was gonna try it on my abcess to try and draw some of the puss out.. ewww grosss

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