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Mouthwash. Listerine. 30 minutes. Soak scalp and all hair. Cover with shower cap. Critters will surface and die within a half hour. Don't even need a comb. They surface and die. Guaranteed. Just did it for 10-year-old daughter. Simple. Unsure about eggs. Next phase.

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Grandma has lice??

I caught lice from grandkids, I had no idea till my head started itching at night, I thought my head was itching from sweating at night due to menopause!! Much to my surprise I was infested, I already had store brand blue listerine , poured some in my hair worked it through, wrapped a towel kept it in an hour, brushed hair upside down over sink, all dead lice in sink, rinsed and applied again left in hair daughter combed my hair for hours, I left listerine over night so far no itching but going to do it again today, my hair did not turn color and it made my hair soft and slick!! Highly Recommend Listerine, For Killing live and the antiseptic in it stopped my itching!!!!

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