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Mouthwash. Listerine. 30 minutes. Soak scalp and all hair. Cover with shower cap. Critters will surface and die within a half hour. Don't even need a comb. They surface and die. Guaranteed. Just did it for 10-year-old daughter. Simple. Unsure about eggs. Next phase.

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AWESOME! This worked extremely well. Listerine for two hours rinsed and followed up with mayo. was careful not to rinse out all the mayo until I combed through many times and then used a little shampoo. Thoroughly shampooed and cream rinsed twenty four hours later. Using the combed forty eight hours later and no signs of nits or bugs. HIP HIP HOORAY. (still vacuuming and followed through with bags,lots of laundry) THANK-YOU THANK-YOU. Will continue following posts.


Our hair is too fine for a nit comb, so I just used my fingernails and dragged the nits off the hair shaft manually. They aren't on every hair shaft so it's not insane, but it is still a lot of work! If their hair was really long, I'd probably cut it shorter just to manage it!


I have tired everything pretty much and i used to use miracle whip and cetaphil lotion but trying mouth wash for the first time today and i love it left it on for a hour and combed through than washed with coconut shampoo, wow works really well also for the future any of you they dont like the smellof coconut


So does it have to be listerine or can it be another brand of mouthwash? and how often can u do this


I have used listerine in my daughters hair for about 3 years now, i drench the hair, wrap hair for about an hour and then rinse and comb.. then i spray the listerine in her hair every 3 to 4 days, she hasnt had them since :)


Can you use any kind of mouth wash,,, and does tea tree oil shampoo work to prevent them?


This works extremely well. You don't even have to comb out the nits or change the linens/vacuum diligently, or anything. Just repeat twice, seven days apart and it will kill any nits that just hatched that were left. Doing it the third time is just to make sure. My daughter had hair to her waist and a raging infestation for four months until we did this. It was the only thing that worked. She's had it twice in the four years since, and my son has had it once and that all we do is treat with Listerine three times. No need to do anything else. Just vacuum/change sheets and all that stuff on the same schedule you usually do. Doing it for the lice is a waste of time!


You can use any kind of generic Listerine, but it has to have the same chemical composition. I use the generic brand from Fred's. Also, only use the yellow, as he blue or green can tint your hair that color.


well I have 3 girls who had nice long hair tried the shampoo treatment teatree oils/shampoo,conditioners time to try this Listerine treatment wish me luck.hope I dont need to shave them since I already cut their hair all short.


It does work - and we used the Cool Mint Listerine and it did not dye or tint anyone's hair. I recommend that you are careful not to allow it to drip down the face as it can get in the eyes, if not careful. We did this for my neighbor's child. It worked fine. After rinsing we used a pick to smooth out tangles and then a lice comb and everything is gone. Everything. Will do it again in 7 days.

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