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Mouthwash. Listerine. 30 minutes. Soak scalp and all hair. Cover with shower cap. Critters will surface and die within a half hour. Don't even need a comb. They surface and die. Guaranteed. Just did it for 10-year-old daughter. Simple. Unsure about eggs. Next phase.

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Used this on my 7 year old daughter! The adults started to fall out while I was applying the mouthwash to the hair & scalp. I tried a flea comb for the nits ( eggs ) but it wasn't fine enough I did end up buying a lice comb and it worked on the first application! My 6 yr old son only had the nits and they came out using a tooth pick & the flea comb!

Done with the LICE!!

PLEASE USE LISTERINE! I also have tried EVERYTHING! It works! I recommend to purchase a metal lice comb too. It's very easy to comb through and it detangels the hair. I am thrilled how amazing this works!!


Does the brand of mouthwash need to be listerine? Thanks


Does the mouth wash 'dye' their hair while treating the lice? I have 4 kids (3 in school) and this is an all too often (and SUPER expensive) problem. I'd love to find a cheaper and more effective treatment, but not sure if I want their hair blue or something from a reaction :)

shirley beynon

i tried this today on my granddaughter who has had a really bad problem with lice and the white eggs just could not get rid of them i put the mouthwash on left it for an hour with a shower cap on then rinser it off and then put mayo all over left it for 15 mins with cap on rinsed it off then went through with a metal nit comb i couldnt believe how good it worked it cleared all her head from nits and eggs they just slid off the hair thanks for the tips we had tried all products but none worked its a miracle thanks people for the remedy


I am nt getting a metal comb with small teeth ...what do I do


It really does work!!! I was amazed with the results. Recommend it for sure.


I just used the mouthwash fix . I used Wal-Mart brand mouthwash on my 10 year old daughter and oh my goodness , it worked so great . I saturated her hair and put it up in a shower cap and let her watch t.v.for an hour and rinsed.The only thing is that I can't get the nits out even with a metal lice comb . Any ideas on that front ?


Tell me please does this really work I have been struggling, bought everything on the market and I got a call from the school today to collect kids....I am at my wits ends now.


I did the dollar general mouthwash lastnight on my 6yr old sprayed on with a water bottle, wrapped a towel around her head and then a plastic bag left on for a hour then rinsed her hair and the bugs were falling out. Best part all the bugs were dead... I rinsed her hair for about 15 min then used a handful of conditiner and when I combed thru her hair I only found 2 more bugs and they were both dead. After that I sprayed vinager in her hair let it sit about 5 min ( they say it loosened the glue from the eggs) that part didn't help getting the eggs out. But I also bought this stuff called lice sheild from walgreens and I sprayed her head with that to keep bugs out while she slept. Going to go back to using that lice sheild on a daily basis. Used it all the time before and she never had lice stopped using it for a month and she got it for the first time.

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