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I have to respond to the statement that ' If you leave them alone they will heal on their own. In some cases, that may be true. I Have left them alone Only to have them continue to get worse and worse. I am Not a drug user. I eat right, exercise, take vitamins and drink Plenty of water. Epsom salt on a large band aid works well. However, as stated above, the infections sometimes require an ER visit. The first well I it was on my inner thigh and then a week got so big that it has to be surgically taken care of and I spent seven days in the hospital never ignore it can spread rapidly and become very dangerous for someone's house ever had, I ignored and continue to wait tables

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I used to get these enormous carbuncle type boils, and my doctor cured me. But it wasn't easy. I had to take Accutane, a prescription drug, for a year. It dried me out so badly that I thought I would have to stop taking it. But half way through the year they stopped, and I have never had another. He said it stops production of sebum, that greasy crap that some of us over produce in our hair glads. It stops up our pores and creates pockets of bacteria. As long as there are fat cells to cushion them, it will grow and grow in all the worst places. He was right, I was cured. But it was tough, that stuff is eyes, skin, lungs, vagina all dried out. I felt as if I could crack wide open. Never had one again...2nd best was to use surgical scrub in the shower daily. Good luck, it's a harsh problem. Boixtoix


I have tried Tattoo Goo and Tattoo Lube personally, I didn't like them. It baiacslly comes down to this we have entered the age of excessive variety. For example, there are so many different cleaning products out there now made with so many different chemicals that you could blow up your house with them all honestly, it's enough to make your head spin and to this day there is nothing that really works better than good old baking soda and vinegar. I've come to pretty much the same conclusion about aftercare. The goal is to keep your new tattoo clean, protected from bacteria and moist. And a healed tattoo needs to be protected from the sun. Soap will keep it clean, A D ointment will keep it protected, lotion will keep it moist and any high SPF sunblock will keep it protected from UV rays. Anything beyond that is just fluff you can get them if you prefer the way they feel or smell, but your results are going to be the same in the end.

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