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When I was a kid my mom never took me to the doctor for pink eye....... She just took some strong morning black coffee (completely cooled) she dipped a wash cloth or paper towel into the coffee and cleaned my eye with it. My eye was healed within a day ! Now that I'm older and a mom myself I live by this home remedy. Works every time.

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Lol are you Puerto Rican? My mom did it to me, her mom did it to her, and so on. Now that in a mom I do it too. It work 100\\\\\\% but I leave it warm not cold. And I dip a washcloth corner in it and wipe from the inside of the eye to the outside. An I r


Wit the wash cloth make sure it's a clean one. And dip it wipe from the inside to the outside and I do it 3 times in a row redipping a different clean part each time. And I do it twice a day one day and just in case twice again the next day. Good as new. I always thought it was a Puerto Rican thing lol. My mom did it to me and I do it to my kids

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