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When I was a kid my mom never took me to the doctor for pink eye....... She just took some strong morning black coffee (completely cooled) she dipped a wash cloth or paper towel into the coffee and cleaned my eye with it. My eye was healed within a day ! Now that I'm older and a mom myself I live by this home remedy. Works every time.

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Do you think that the reason for your repetitive infections could be that your home-remedy never completely cleared up the infection?


Do you keep washing the eye or eyes throughout the day or just once was all that is needed? I have it due to this wonderful allergy season and it is pretty bad and looking for some relief. I have been using antibiotic drops for a couple of days and its not helping.


I live by this.. Coffee clears it up quickly.. You should clean your eyes as much as possible with this remedy


I'm surprised the coffee is giving me relief
..hoping this is all I need


do you put the coffee inside your eye?


I usually get pink eye in just one eye a few times a year. I caught it again last night. Came to this site to find a quick home remedy and came across this post. I am now putting a paper towel soaked in warm black coffee on my eye and hoping I see some relief soon. It feels pretty good so far. Thanks for the post :)


My Mom used this with my sisters and I when we were growing up, it worked every time within 1 day. After having my daughters I did the same and never had to go to the Doctor for pink eye. Couple of times a day and you should be good to go.


I have pink eye. and i need help. how did you clean your eyes with the coffee-dipped washcloth?


I was out shopping with sister and felt my eyes watery and starting to hurt. By the time I got home my left eye was very red. This morning when I made coffee I put some black aside because my neighbor told me to use black coffee and it will help. I took paper towels and dipped it in the black coffee and it felt good. I wiped my eye and also left the paper towel sit at bit on my eye. I arrived at work 45 minutes later and my eye is less red doesn't hurt as much and the swelling is less. I am going home today to do this lil home remedy again a couple of more times.



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