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For a genital herpes outbreak... i tried 'clean n clear on the spot acne treatment'. it has a type of acid in it that i thought would help, in less than 12 hours i saw a HUGE difference. By 24 hours, it was almost gone. i applied it every couple hours, maybe about 4 times over the course of a day and it really worked!!

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I used Neutrogena On-the-Spot (because its what I had on hand) and you were soooo right!! It stopped the itch and irritation and healed better and faster than the Zovrax I have been using for years!!


I have researched this topic a million ways to sunday and I looked around pretty good for OTC products that contained Salycic Acid and Tannic Acid and Lidocain. Clean N' Clear ( salycic ) Lipton Green Tea bags ( Tannic ) most sunburn and burn creams contain Lidocain. Clean the effected area with mild soap or Nutragena and pat dry, try not to rub as you may open something up. Apply Clean N Clear using a acne pad or cotton ball *** This WILL STING LIKE HELL AND BURN **** then this sounds corny but blot the area with a Green Tea Bag as to get the tea absorbed into the skin, this offers some releaf to the area you just burned the hell out of with clean n clear, then put some lidocain on after a few minutes. Lidocain will numb the pain down. Use care when touching the effected area. From the research I have done and articles I have read Salycic acid and Tannic Acid when used together actually destroy the DNA Resceptor Cells which it where the virus is. I have been using this remedy for about a week and have seen a drastic improvment. I've used it 2 to 3 times a day Im not brave enuff todo it as the other guy was saying 5 or 6 times per day, only because it burns but it does work. I have also started to drink lots of tea for the Tannic Acid and Anti Oxidents. for whatever you do.. Do not use products which promote skin healing ie. lubraderm or hand creams while using this topical treatment as it will contradict the treatment.. the idea is to dry out and kill the virus. using rejuvenating hand cream would protect the cells your trying to kill. No matter how big of a pain in the ... try it, it will work....


Hi there. I was browsing around the net and found this article which is contradicted with the previous comment posted in this archive. this is the quote from that article:
Many products contain ingredients, such as alcohol, which can sting and further irritate the infected area. Who needs more pain when you have an outbreak? Some products also contain lidocaine or benzocaine which are designed to 'numb' but are only partially effective and can lead to allergic reactions.

'Topical creams and ointments may even prolong the healing of HSV outbreaks as they do not penetrate into the cell membranes of the skin and they also irritate the area of the outbreak. Experts strongly advise against using any kind of topical cortisone-type cream on herpes as this can suppress the local immunity and may worsen your outbreaks significantly.'

i hope it can complete the archive about this matter.


Yeah, might be true, but alot of these articles tell you these things, cause they don't wont you to go out there and find some simple over the counter cure. They want you to suffer and go to them and pay them money for medicine that doesn't work. It's worth a try !


I use to drink alot of the bottle lipton green tea, and come to think of it, i almost never had an outbreak.But i can't realy recall, cause my herpes 1 is weird like that. I might go a year to 2 yrs. Then bam ,get it twice in 3 months. But i wonder if drinking greentea would help also.


I just tried this and it stung like hell for a few moments. Its still a bit sore, I'll let you know how it works out.

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