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Charlotte G

I have really bad cramps. It runs in my family, and they've been getting worse, the older I get. Mostly the pain is so intense that I start to shake and puke. I do get instant relief if I take a scoulding hot bath or shower, but the moment I get out the pain comes back. A hot water bottle over my stomach helps a little. Walking makes me throw up and collapse. Masturbating helps, sex too but I don't like intercourse when bleeding. I usually just take a whole lot of pills and muscle relaxents with lots of water, keep myself warm and lie in a fetal position until I pass out. I hear vinegar helps, my pain was less when I was younger and use to eat lemons and like vinegar more then I do now.

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You might consider seeing a bioidentical hormone doctor. It sounds like an estrogen/progesterone imbalance which can cause some heavy painful periods. Also fish oil, magnesium all month.


you should look into being looked at for endimetriosis. i was recently diagnosed and understanding helps. you should read into it and see if it fits the type of extreme cramping youre talking about

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