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Ken James


(1) **Peppermint Extract** (non-dilute, or dilute- really rub it in) +
(2) **Pro-biotics** (NOT anti-biotics; e.g, 2 packages Bio-K Plus ProBiotic) +
(3) Vitamins/Supplements (C, B, etc., whatever helps immune system) +
(4) Greens/dense nutrients (e.g., *spinach- lots; beets, purple cabbage, celery, etc.; fresh juicing is best) +
(5.) Water (lots- dehydration often contributes greatly to tooth/gum problems).


(1) Beware ACID foods/drinks- lime & lemon can easily strip tooth enamel; don't even brush your teeth immediately after their ingestion- swish with water first

(2) build your immune system up slowly- lots of different PRO-BIOTICS
Different people fall within usually 3 sets (yes, sets!) of beneficial flora (bacteria)

(3) BRUSH absolutely thoroughly (but carefully, if you have oral issues) after most meals. If done properly, you will often/always stimulate your gag reflex.

(4) EAT'real' foods... lean protein, vividly-colored veggies, herbs, fruits.

(5) WATER- 2 glasses when you wake (stimulates internal organs, and helps ward off cardiac/heart attacks in the morning); 1 glass 30 minutes before every meal helps digestion; and (you're hearing correctly) immediately before bedtime (helps cardiac health); and lots throughout the day. *NO SODAS*, or non-dilute acidic fruit juices allowed (usually).

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