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On a scale of 1-10 my pain is usually around 17-18. Curled up on the floor in the fetal position kinda pain.

I tried everything...Clove oil, I throw up, Tea bag's in mouth (after 5 minutes I throw up), Bread stuffed in tooth hole, Pure peroxide swish, saline swish. It has always come down to a trip to the hospital. Except this time...I tried something new, something I should have thought of a long time ago. Alcohol...the hard stuff, with no additives. Just straight...Rum for me. I now know why pirates love rum and had such bad teeth. They never felt the pain (because they were just to drunk).

I am not a Drinker (watching my parents go down dark roads with alcohol, it turned me off of it). And I still not going to be a drinker, but when a toothache comes Inner pirate will let loose!

I hope this helps any of you are 1)able to drink alcohol, 2) are 21 years or older (in the United States), and 3) have had no luck with anything else.

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