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I have been able to rid myself completely of lifelong constipation. I wanted to add a method I discovered quite by accident which helps in passing stools easily on the much rarer occasions now that I am constipated. All fellow constipation sufferers know how much TIME we spend on the toilet to pass our stools. Most of us sit on the toilet upright.But when you sit on the toilet bend your upward body forwards such that your torso(upper body or waist up) is parallel to the ground and your face is between your knees ( I also put my palms touching the floor mat. Completely remove any underwear or pants round your ankles so that you can really spread the knees apart (THIS IS KEY) so that the anal sphincter isn't constricted & can relax as much as possible. Then just wait for your stools to come. NO need to strain. Be patient.It may take 2 minutes or 10 minutes.But it surely comes for me EVERYTIME & the BEST part is I dont strain and pain is completely absent or very little. This method helps to remove those last lumps of stool(which make you feel you haven't gone completely) which no amount of straining could remove in the past for me. No need to buy a stool as recommended by some.People with big tummies may have difficulty bending forward.I found the use of stool not to my taste as my urine drips all way back to your anal sphincter and that grossed me out. I have already posted my food remedy on constipation which is prune juice or dry prunes. Tip:Try consuming the dry prunes or juice after a meal since I found out by trial and error that consuming it prior to food consumption can cause very watery stools and I feel some rumbles in my intestines. I made diet changes like much less spicy food & trying to eat some fresh fruit for fiber everyday. God Bless everyone to be freed of constipation like me:)

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This was really helpful! Thx. It moved mountains. :)


Thanks a million!


Spreading your knees wide is the key. Thanks for this info. My boyfriend called me at 1:00am on his way home from work with this issue and I googled it and read him this one cause it seems the most informative and it did help. Thanks!!


Thank you!


OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Can I tell you how for ever I have been having constipation issues. Started with surgery on my stomach, and the inability to eat a whole lot of protein, fresh fuit or veggies or for that matter anything. Then diagnosis of a chronic migraine condition and fibromyalgia. The meds make everything so much worse. I have lived on laxatives for the last two years. I tried this today because I just did not want to try another laxative and it made me feel better and worked better than any laxative I have ever taken. Thank you very much!!!


Wow! This really works. I had a cup of hot prune juice the night before. God Bless You! Prayer works too.


this didn't work for me I have scoliosis and it just aggravated my back even worst and caused me to feel very light headed to put my head in between my legs, So I wouldn't recommend this to anyone with back issues.

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