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CHEAP, fast home remedy:
- 1/3 baby oil + 1/3 original Listerine + 1/3 water in spray bottle
- approx. 1 T of organic apple cider vinegar mixed into food
- 1/2 tablet (per 15 lbs) of children's Benedryl 2x daily

My dog and I were all set to move in less than two weeks when he came down with mange. It started the week before with some minor itching, and then one night, he suddenly broke out in bright red lumps and a rash. At first, I thought it was allergies and let him suffer for two days before realizing it was actually getting worse and needed to be dealt with. Plus, I needed to get a health certificate from the vet and didn't think he was going to pass with his inflamed, red skin.

I gave him 1/2 a tablet of children's Benedryl to help soothe his apparent itching. I figured if he stopped scratching so much, his skin might have a better chance of healing. Every time he started itching, I sprayed him with the baby oil/listerine/water mix and gently rubbed it into his coat, just to spread it around. Every time I gave him food, I put organic apple cider vinegar in it. Not only did this help my dog get better, but it did in fact successfully prevented our other dog from getting mange too.

So, this spraying/dosing procedure went on for three days, and by the end of the third day, he was a brand new dog - mange free!

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How can I use this around the eye? My Newfoundland has mange around the eyes and tail.


This home remedy seems to the best option for my 1 yr old lab/walker coon hound mix. She has been having issues for over a week now, itching, hair loss in spots all over her, dry scaly skin with red sots that seem to be very irritating to her. trying it tonight and will update tomorrow on the results. Thank you

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