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CHEAP, fast home remedy:
- 1/3 baby oil + 1/3 original Listerine + 1/3 water in spray bottle
- approx. 1 T of organic apple cider vinegar mixed into food
- 1/2 tablet (per 15 lbs) of children's Benedryl 2x daily

My dog and I were all set to move in less than two weeks when he came down with mange. It started the week before with some minor itching, and then one night, he suddenly broke out in bright red lumps and a rash. At first, I thought it was allergies and let him suffer for two days before realizing it was actually getting worse and needed to be dealt with. Plus, I needed to get a health certificate from the vet and didn't think he was going to pass with his inflamed, red skin.

I gave him 1/2 a tablet of children's Benedryl to help soothe his apparent itching. I figured if he stopped scratching so much, his skin might have a better chance of healing. Every time he started itching, I sprayed him with the baby oil/listerine/water mix and gently rubbed it into his coat, just to spread it around. Every time I gave him food, I put organic apple cider vinegar in it. Not only did this help my dog get better, but it did in fact successfully prevented our other dog from getting mange too.

So, this spraying/dosing procedure went on for three days, and by the end of the third day, he was a brand new dog - mange free!

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I tried the mixture spray last night for the first time and my dogs are different dogs this morning already! The spots that were really inflamed and red are now calmed down and they didn't wake up itching like they usually do. My plan is still to administer the spray and Benadryl with regularity the next few days to hopefully eradicate but this seems to be a really great combo, thanks for the advice.


Thank you so much for the Listerine/Baby oil/Water treatment. I've used used it for 2 days on my Aussie girl and it seems to be making a difference,I just started the apple cider vinegar on her food which she loves the taste. The vet was going to start her (if a candidate) with some very strong meds that would kill the mites...scared me to thanks for your post. My biggest concern is the rash was starting to go to her eye ..the doctor gave me ointment which seemed to make it worse. So I stopped it . I will see how she does with just this remedy. So far so good. What causes this sudden flair girl Coby and her brother just joined my family as they were left behind with my Mothers resent death. stress?


Just got back from the vet with my MinPin turns out she's got mange. The Vet perscribed Ivermectin but I'm a little bit skeptical about giving it to her. According to the vet, 'i should call them if ahe starts vomiting, looks drunk, breaks out even more or starts oozing once i start her on the meds'. I would definitely like to try a natural remedy instead and according to what I've read, this sounds like an effective natural way of helping her get better. Crossing my fingers that this works... Thanks for the info .... Will keep you posted.


can i use Benadryl liquil if so how


Submitted at 2013-04-25 02:47:39
'CHEAP, fast home remedy:
-1/3 baby oil + 1/3 original Listerine + 1/3 water in spray bottle
- approx. 1 T of organic apple cider vinegar mixed into food
- 1/2 tablet (per 15 lbs) of children's Benedryl 2x daily'

Will this work for a cat? My cat has mites on her neck and a couple spots on her back. She is 18 yrs old and about 6 lbs. I've spent hundreds of dollars on vets and they often traumatize her with needles and squishing her for urine samples. She's a bit old for strong-arming by strangers.
Yesterday I wrapped her in a hand towel and dipped her in warm water and isopropyl alcohol. She fussed at first and then seemed to like it. I dried her and found anti-itch spray called petrelief by Sentry HC and sprayed rough spots. She liked that. The problem is alleviated but still not solved.
I'd like to try the apple cider vinegar. I have Heinz 5%. Will that work? She only eats a few ounces of food at a time and is fussy, but if I apply it topically she can lick it off. As to the children's benedryl, it would amount to 1/6 of a pill, but is it safe for a cat? I won't risk w/o being certain.

Mr. A

This home remedy is SPOT ON! I have been using it for 3 days with my 2 year old retriever/pointer cross and all of his redness, spots and scratching have stopped and practically disappeared! This is a god send, having spent the past 2 years, various vets and medicines and god knows how much money! THANK YOU!


I've tried the listerine/baby oil/water mixture on my 10yr old golden retriever/german shepherd mix, after not liking the mess of the borax and peroxide ~ I also couldnt keep my dog from licking it off so I had to rinse him of it to keep him from getting the time I applied borax solution he had a rare 3 inch raw spot on one of his bald patches (hes itchy and bald in places, misdiagnosed with food allergies) and it seemed aggravated and more raw afterwards, but the baby oil listerine I used healed it completely within hours with I still don't comprehend how that's possible but it did, AND it completely turned his dry crusty ears (inside) into velvety soft healthy skin with one application! So bizarre but there it is! Its not killing the mange but it is helping with the itching so that's something. On a side note I found that filling the bath tub with several inches of water that he has to stand in while I spray him to wash him, seems to be killing off whatever was aggravating his paws, there's a specific mange issue for dogs paws, I don't know if it drowns them or what but its helping! Wish I could get his whole body in there! :) been dealing with this for several years so its nice to know he's finally getting relief after failed meds and supplements! Will try the borax/peroxide as a rinse and let it sit for 5 min on him rinse then spray with the baby oil listerine over the next couple weeks and see what happens!


I made this mixture and it made my dogs crusty smelly inner ears like NEW over night, the color was better, the skin like velvet and no irritation signs!! And thats not just from the baby oil, because ive used olive oil, shea butter etc and those did NOTHING! He is a golden retriever, shepherd mix, mis diagnosed w food allergies! Now if i could get the rest of his trouble spots healed, we will be a happy family!!! Right now we are alternating between the borax mixture and the listerene baby oil w aloe mix....its helping so we will see in a few weeks...thanks to another post , i have his paws on the mend by having him stand in a few inches of the warm water while i bathe him, its either drowning the mites or getting the mixture to all the nooks and crannies!! :)


Will this help for sarcoptic mange or is it only for demodectic mange?


I just wanted to say your treatment sounded like one of the most humane. You must really love your dog. I seem to collect strays, I thank you for your help. And hope that everything goes well for you and your dog. Thanks again.

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