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I tried a lot of things I've seen on here and started my own personal research. I realized with all the hydrogen peroxide and apple cider douching things were the same. Hydrogen Peroxide and Apple Cider basically cleanse and brings back acidity however what do I do about the good bacteria I need to replenish?

So I decided to douche one last time and put cold organic Greek plain yogurt with live culture and insert it. Not just the yogurt but 3 acidophilus pills and 2 probiotic pills (I opened the pills and poured the powder in not mashed it in). Now I did not insert the mixture with a tampon (because I feel it takes u too much space)but squeeze or pour the yogurt in there until it overflows. It's very cooling and refreshing.

I think this replenished the bacteria and it helped me a lot. Thanks for your posts especially the one I seen with the lady that tried to renew our faiths. If this doesn't work for you don't be discouraged just do your own research because everyone's body is different. God bless you all, much love.

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You should NEVER douche! Pushes everything farther up!


People that think douching pushes everything further up or that it will cause the BV to enter the fallopian tubes is a douche. Tell me unless you've had a hysterectomy how the hell will it the douche and BV get past the cervix??

When I was pregnant with my second child, I told my Dr that I smelled, he said that there was no smell, but that I could douche with a lil bit of vinegar and water only.

It's not the act of douching that's bad. It's all the other chemicals that the manufacturers put in the douche, mostly fragrance. That is also why you should never use scented and or colored toilet paper, tampons, maxi pads or body washes.

You are welcome very much.

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