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Hello ladies! I have suffered from bv/ yeast infections for the past year and a half. Like Many of you I have been to the doctor umpteen times and sent home with antibiotics that temporarily stopped my symptoms. After another bv episode I decided to do something different. I changed my eating habits(no I'm not on a diet nor do I need to lose weight lol). I had read a while back that cutting out sugars in certain foods that we eat might help so I decided to give it a try. I cut out breads, white rice, cookies, basically any processed foods. I'm now on my 3rd day to my new lifestyle and I can report that the foul ell is gone! I will have to keep up with it to see long term affects but I believe I've found what works for me. What we eat, good or bad, truly does have an effect on our health and ph balance. I hope this helps someone xoxo

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of course what we eat affects us what do you think???

put good in get good out.

The typical american diet is horrible.
I'm also suffering from bv I should try the white rice removal as well.....

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