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I have a bad toothache, no money, no insurance so I have pain. This is what works for me: I put peroxide in my mouth (straight from the bottle), close my mouth and let it foam around the tooth. Then I spit it out. I am diabetic so have to be careful what I take, and no alcohol with my insulin. On a scale of 1-10, I was at a 15. Within maybe 5 minutes, it was down to maybe a 3. Too bad dentists charge so much money.

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Didn't have peroxide or vanilla extract used lemon extract, pain relief immediately. Burns the mouth a little it's 80% alcohol.


Thanks for the post. Have u ever seen a 58 year old man cry. My husband was in tears. We're in the same boat, NP insurance can't afford a dentist .. He tried rinsing with peroxide and then rinsed with warm salt water..he's so much better..right the tears have subsided u. Maybe he'll get some sleep now. This is great.. the peroxide boils out the infection, I should of thought of that..sincere thanks

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