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I have a bad toothache, no money, no insurance so I have pain. This is what works for me: I put peroxide in my mouth (straight from the bottle), close my mouth and let it foam around the tooth. Then I spit it out. I am diabetic so have to be careful what I take, and no alcohol with my insulin. On a scale of 1-10, I was at a 15. Within maybe 5 minutes, it was down to maybe a 3. Too bad dentists charge so much money.

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It did nothing for the pain!


I do this too and it helps for awhile. I also swish a little vanilla extract around in my mouth for a minute or two sometimes when I don't have peroxide. The alcohol in the extract helps a lot.


Did knock the pain out but it did help a lot ..... thanks : )


Just wanted to come back and say,this is the best thing I have tried!!!!! All my pain is gone now.

happy wife

Thankz so much!!! My husband was in bad pain BC of his tooth we tried this an he is feeling a lot better so hopefully he will be able to sleep. Thankz again from a happy wife!!


Ok will yall help me im 18 i had a filling put in and it fell out. A few months l8ter i broke it on ajjaw breaker. I thought it was a gum ball. It been hurting for 12 hours no money or insurance. I took pills tooth jell salt warm water warm wash rag and nothing is working.


Didn't completely knock out the pain but eased it so its barable!! Thanks for the suggestion


it eased my tooth pain and didnt take long but a few min. Thanks! Now back to bed i go :)

A Morse

Tooth was in severe pain, found if I laid down with the hurting side on the pillow the pain was 50 times worse within minutes. Tried holding the peroxide in my mouth for a minute or so then resting 5 min, then reswishing the peroxide really helped. Went back to bed and laid with hurt side up. Pain subsided to about 15 percent from 200 percent


this worked marvelously for me thank you you are a hero

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