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I have been getting migraines since I was 18 (now 27). I started getting them when I started taking birth control. When I first started getting them, they were strictly hormonal. Within the last 4 years they have gotten out of control. There are no regular triggers. I have cut out, several things out of my diet (alcohol, caffeine, sugars, dairy, etc...). I have taken several medications as treatments (relpax, imitrex, etc...) Some home remedies I have tried and failed at include: peppermint tea, pillow breathing, (ice packs and sleep help). I have also tried preventatives (blood pressure medications - verapamil). Nothing has reduced the amount I get in a month (which has been up to 20 - about 4-5 times a week). I am a teacher that is constantly around loud noise (children) and fluorescent lights. This may be a trigger, but I cannot change these factors.
Does anyone know of a preventative? Or any treatments that can quickly get rid of them?

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I feel your pain! I am a secondary school teacher who has been suffering since 18. I seem to have stages of more frequent migraine attacks, sometimes reaching 4 or more in a week, this will happen for a period of 4-5 months then they will doe down to around 2 or 3 every month. I find that having all planning and marking up to date all of the time helps to reduce the frequency of them and a regular sleep patten (going to bed and getting up at the same time every day) combined with a low fat diet and moderate exercise helps to keep them at bay! I could find no trigger at all, but apparently it's stress (so I've been stressed since I was 18) and if I look in my diary to when they are more frequent they do happen more through stressful times even when I dont feel stressed. The main coping strategy for me to to stay calm and relaxed and to not get stressed - this seems to be working and have cut the migraines down to 1 every six weeks at the moment! Hope you find something that works for you x


You cite a key clue to what may be a source of your migrains: use of birth control pills. Increases in hormone levels can trigger migrains for many women. Birth control pills use synthetic estrogen to trick your body into thinking it´s already pregant so that ova are not released. You may want to speak with your OB/GYN about using a non-hormonal contraceptive such as the IUD (such as the Copper T 380.) The method provides up to 10 years of contraceptive prevention with an immediate return to fertility at the moment you choose to have it removed. While some IUD brands (such as Mirena) can also incorporate hormones, most do not and could reduce your migranes while still providing you with a reliable family planning method. Best of luck!


I too am a secondary teacher with 'episodes' every 6 weeks or so. I get dizziness with my migraines and find it difficult to stand up. I was wondering if you had much time off work with your migraines as this is starting to become a problem for me

Look forward to hearing your responses


Ask your doctor for Amitriptyline (generic of Elavil)!! I've been on it for about 7 years now. I use to get 5-7 migraines per month. Now I get one maybe every 3 months, and they are less intense.


I was in the same boat. My headaches started out with maybe 3 days per month and all related to hormones around my period. They then began to increase and I was having migraines about 28 out of 30 days per month and taking up to 3 Imitrex per day, which totally wrecks your life. I cut out dairy, sugar, caffine, dyes, etc. which didn't change anything. I had been on every kind of migraine medicine in every formulation known to man. One day a friend who had similar issues suggested cutting out gluten from my diet and said she had been 88 days without a headache. I started that day and within 3 days, the everyday headaches were gone. I still get about a 3 day migraine every other month or so (still hormone related)but it is soooooo much better than it was. I have since found that the Triptan's in the migraine meds cause rebound cycles and neurological side effects in me. A fact that had escaped me for about 3 years of daily use. I am now searching for a non-Triptan med that I can take when the migraines do strike. So far, no luck with an effective one. They say the reason that a person could eat gluten all of their life with no problems and then have them occur is because of the increase in engineered wheat crops. (?) No matter, it worked for me. Hope this can help.


I'm 24 and been getting migraines since I was 13 was hoping to find something for myself but all of these remedies don't work for me...but I do have a quick relief for migraine buy a big bag of ice pack one bottle of alcohol and a big will need two people for this..sit in a chair wit your hair/head against your bathroom sink as if someone was washing your hair like in a salon.have the other person fill the bowl wit ice and then fill with water and pour half of the bottle of alcohol.and let them began pouring all over your head except face..keep pouring until water runs out repeat process this hurts really bad for the person with migraines but you will be headache free within 30mins

Bin Abdullah

Try cutting yr hair short. Short like GI style is better.

When migraine wants to hit U, brush yr hair and temple w the palm of yr hands vigorously esp on the spot U feel the migraine is coming and other part of yr head as well until U feel better


I totally understand as a former teacher of elementary school. I'd get migraines 2-3 times a week plus the hormone thing.....headaches cut in half when I retired. That and menopause. Tried almost every drug out there. All I've found that helps is dark room, quiet places and something to put me to sleep for as long as it takes. Ice packs help even heating pads are comforting. Sorry I can't be of more help.

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