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K. Owens

RAW GARLIC: I had a fungus growing under my finger nail for 4 weeks didn't realize it was a fungus until the 3rd week I got some raw garlic cut it in half and rubbed it on the fungus don't wash it off if you wash your hands make sure to rub more on it when you're finished in two days my fungus was clearly clearing up no lie..

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Thanx for sharing ...past one month i had severe pain many medicine not work,i rubbed with garlic flake now almost cure...


Really true. I had fungal infection at the side of my nose and itching. I was worried and went to doctor, had some tablets and some cream by morning and evening(Nizral and some other lotion) which was not effective. After I applied half cut garlic's. It got vanished in 3 or 4 days. Little burning but very effective other than going to doctor, wasting time and money.

Aron Mattin
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