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My experiance with hives, which happend last year in the spring, made my life seem like hell for four weeks. My hives were off and on, and the Predisone (check spelling) my doctor perscribed me gave me very little to no releif. Two weeks later my doctor perscribed me two antihistimines, which helped more than the predisone. I was very paranoid about what was causeing my allergic reaction, I wrote everything I've done on paper. From the foods I've ate or touched, to my hair and makeup products. But iwasnt using anything new or eaten at any new place, or at least I thought. I believe hives are always triggered by some subtance, you just have to figure it out. My case, and I'm a female, was when I was in any contact with condoms thay had a spermicidal lubicant. Weird, I know. For a year now after completly banding that brand out of my life, I havnt had an outbreak since!
some useful remedys that helped ease my swollen feet and hands, along with the hives was:
Vasaline (keeping body moisterized)
Apple Cider Vinegar (spraying on body after shower)
Chopped garlic (rubbing all over body)

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Thank you all for various hive remedies. I already have some idea as I have been tracking my outbreaks for two years. there seems to be no consistency in what Triggers them. the water idea and food additives we reads something to try. Luckily strawberries no problem,nor peanut butter(use natural), other nuts. All dermatologist does is prescribe cortisone cream which can't be put on under clothes. Started using elastic waistbands but seems may be a correlation to Lycra/spandex in any fabric as I mainly get them on my thighs where pants touch. Had to decipher as reaction is delayed after contact with trigger.

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