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hi ladies, i've decided to embark on the remedy where I fix myself from the inside out. I've ordered folic acid, probiotics and vit c. I intend on taking them orally and also using the probiotics in my vagina. tomorrow I will begin by using an apple cider vinger douche to see if it helps at all and once my pills arrive the next stage of replacing my good bacteria begins.

I'm not sure its BV because it has more of an off milk smell than fishy, but the discharge is not lumpy or thick like thrush. It was stronger before i used a prescribed antibiotic gel. but it is still there and id rather not use any more pharmaceuticals.

I have used anti biotics for the past 4 years to treat recurrent UTI's. so its fair to say my immune system and gut is frazzled.

I'll let you know how it goes, fingers crossed!

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