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I have 3 girls and have tried Everything from over the counter generic and name brands. Then I contacted their physician for help, No luck with the prescription, I was still pulling live bugs out. Found some suggestions, I saturated their hair in baby oil and went through with a detangler comb then lice come,when I was confident I had most of the bugs I mixed vinegar in with their shampoo (suave rosemary and mint) and let them sit for an hour. sectioned their hair into quarters and went through with the comb again. Hope this helps. they each have a different hair type, one has thin straight hair, the second has very thick curly hair and my third has fine curly hair ;) Also make sure to treat the floors beds pillows stuffed animals clothing sofas and car seats

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My girl has thick curls, nightmare to wet comb. Try the listerine treatment, soak hair, I wrap head with cling and leave for 2 hrs. Then wash out.
Brilliant. Repeat once a week for 2/3 wks depending on critters! Good luck!


The baby oil totally works ive done that also with my two girls

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