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right, these a two remedys, that work very fast, i wouldn't recommended better, mustard, but some on a cotton bud rub around the tooth and in the root of the toothache, works instantly, or whiskey, some on a cotton wool and rub around toothache and in the root, works instantly aswell.. but only for a few hours, and you will have to re-do!

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I used mustard and it worked!! Thanks for the idea!


I had toothache for 2 days already I been using anesol for toothache didn't work so i decided to check the home remedies. I couln't at nights. I'm gonna try mustrad see if it looks tonight, hope i sleep good.




You do know that mouthwash contains a high amount of Ethyl Alcohol , along with the eucalyptal & menthol, dont you?

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