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Real (not fake) extra virgin olive oil has a powerful yet under estimated anti inflammatory called oleocanthal. Not only is EVOO good for you but it works great on UC. Take 3 desert spoons per day every 8 hrs without food and you should be able to cut them meds down. If you get a peppery, fruity taste and the cough inducing throat burn you have good oil, if not throw it away as it won't work. Plain olive oil will not work either, good luck....

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Dr, Bashirullah Homeopath

It is hundred percent accurate that Virgin Olive oil is working in Colitis but as per my experience to get complete benefit we should exclude every kind of other oil from daily food. NO food item should be fried,rather boiled in water and after having the food item cooked, then EVOO be mixed therein up to maximum 2 table spoonful at a time.Ensure that the EVOO is of credible brand and not old than one year.Avoid all dairy items and milk products.With the help of above measures I am 100% free of all symptoms without any medicine since long. However I am also taking cold hip bath with the method produced by Loi khoni

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