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Professor J. Reid

Basic, take a block of ice in you're right hand. separate you're left index and middle finger. Rub the ice on the webbed area between you're fingers, the nerve in that area blocks the pain from you're hands and face.
Can also work with sore nose or bit tongue.

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i have been tryin for days to get rid of my toothache.. i've tried, advil, aspirin, whiskey, reiki (my mom is a reiki master she believes it and was trying to help, lol) anyway, i tried this and i was surprised how well it worked. thanks soo much for this i cant believe how fast it worked.


this works best if you hold the ice cube onto the skin in this area for as long a time as needed,the longer the better,dont give up it WILL work.Many Thanks


holy sht! thank you thank you thank you


I am so desperate for pain relief i will try anything, but it didnt work for me


Worked instantly for me!! Thank you!


This had no effect except temporary distraction.

Elaine Timoteo

I'm absolutely AMAZED. This worked wonders. I'm in awe how simple!


Hahaha! I can't believe this actually works, but it does! My bf was in pain for 2 days with no relief until this. Thank you whoever posted this suggestion!


Totally felt the pain slip away instantly but I guess I have severe because its there still just not as bad or maybe I'm not doing it correctly but thanks whoever posted this :)

Heidi B.

Oh my god thank you so much! You would not believe the pain i was in. I was so close to pulling out my tooth. Thank you!!!!!

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