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Professor J. Reid

Basic, take a block of ice in you're right hand. separate you're left index and middle finger. Rub the ice on the webbed area between you're fingers, the nerve in that area blocks the pain from you're hands and face.
Can also work with sore nose or bit tongue.

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Maaaaaan, that shyt worked wonders!!!!


Amazing! I was super skeptical, but I'll try (almost) ANYTHING right now. It's VERY temporary, but also instantaneous. Thank you a MILLION times!!!


Not sure how long this will work for, but I welcome the relief even if its temporary. I've been waiting for the Motrin to kick in and saw your post. Thank you so much!


It's 3:00am where I am and I've being using ice cold water and cubes for temp relief till I read that it actually makes it worse. Stopped for 10 mins rubbed some warm water in mouth and pain has substantially subsided enough to get some sleep, leave any cold remedy alone it only gives temp relief..

jaime lynam

That is crazy!! I can't believe it works! But thank you so much.


holy crap! instant relief!!! wow


this thing is for real! i was really desperate for a quick fix! i needed to finish stuff here, but cant cause of the tooth ache... now its gone! this is amazing!


Didn't work still in pain :(


I have a terrible toothache to the point it's giving me a earache, I was skeptical about trying this but I was in too much pain and this REALLY WORKED!!!!! Immediately stopped my pain :) thank you!!


Yep, it works. Thanks

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