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Professor J. Reid

Basic, take a block of ice in you're right hand. separate you're left index and middle finger. Rub the ice on the webbed area between you're fingers, the nerve in that area blocks the pain from you're hands and face.
Can also work with sore nose or bit tongue.

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This really works!!!!


Thankyou so MUCH!! I was skeptical at first, then thought it can't hurt to try! Worked almost immediately!! Thank you a million times over!!

nic speciale

works immediately thank you!!!!!


Really works!!!


Didn't work for me :-(


Thank you thank you thank you! Have been suffering a headache AND toothache for 2 days and finally have found a little relief


Sorry but this didn't work for me


thanks so much this is the only thing that worked for me with what I had at the house

Elisa Zitka

It was only temporary for me maybe 5 min


It works while the ice is applied. Pretty amazing, but temporary.

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