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I thought this was insane, but I get crippling leg cramps in my upper legs and groin area, I mean make me fall down and scream in pain, and the lasted for 15 + minutes! A friend told me that french's yellow mustard as soon as you start to feel the cramp, I thought she was nuts, but I woke up with one in full swing and had to crawl to the fridge, got the mustard and squirted a spoonful int my mouth and the ramp was GONE IN LESS THAN 30 seconds! It is a miracle

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Crystal Massey

My goodness gracious granny goo goo lmao oh but how very true this ole remedy of just a spoonful of mustard makes the leg cramp calm down !!!! My boyfriend just woke up from a dead sleep with a roar yelling about the leg cramp he was having and in an instant I googled for help the very first thing I read said to do the mustard and the instant he took the spoonful of mustard ...he said that it worked ...just like that wonder who discovered that remedy!!!!


Awesome!! Yellow mustard works. I like yellow mustard anyway. Be sure to rinse your mouth afterwards before reinserting your mouth guard, if you have one. Thanks for this remedy.


Holy STRAWBERRIES Batman!!! That YELLOW MUSTARD sure got me out of a JAM!!!! :P
It sure did work, AMAZINGLY!! Within 30 seconds, the EXTREMELY PAINFUL 'charlie horses' in my left HAND, and BOTH FEET, were GONE!! Although I had to take another tablespoon about a minute later, they are GONE!! (I'm going to take a third Tbsp. because I am having faint remnants of the cramps, but MUCH LESS intense)

THANK YOU ALL for ending my misery and Turning that FROWN UPSIDE DOWN!!!!



You sound like me at night. Last night I actually fell down for the first timeafter jumping out of bed with intense pain with cramps. My legs just collapsed. The pain is so bad that I cuss out and swear god right out of heaven that the pain is so bad. I get them in the daytime too. It feels like someone fileting your muscles off of you bones as a torture.
I'll try the mustard trick as I also take the vinager daily, but still get them.


I just had my roommate try this!!! It stopped immediately!! Thank you so much!


My husband just tried this and it worked IMMEDIATELY! Thank you so much cause he is ready for work now :-)


I had really bad leg cramps, last night, and could hardly walk. I tried the mustard remedy and didn't get any relief. I was hurting so bad that I kept squirting the mustard into my mouth, but no relief. I kept having muscle cramps come and go the rest of the night.


Reckon it's the vinegar in the mustard. Has to be apple cider vinegar.

dorine timberlake

I am going to try the legs ache si bad .Lord I hope that your right.and that I get some sleep tonight.its been mths since I have had a great sleep.up day and night.with cramps.say a prayer for me and bring on the mustard.????

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