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Tim L.

Its been a little over 3 years since I developed genital warts. At first I thought my life was completely over. I went from having sex everyday to not having sex for iver a year because of embarrasment. But through a little trial and error I developed a few ways to get rid of mt genital warts.

Step one: Boost your immune system to naturally fight of the virus. Step two: I used Skinhale wart remover to remove any visible genital warts fat. Its all natural so its safe to use in sensitive areas. Step three: Remember that each year over a killion people develop genital warts so make sure you stay positive and no that you are not alone.

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mine is white in color but not removing what should i do ? what does white color means ?
how long it will take to heal the skin its happened again 2nd time what should i use for healing


When its whit it means it dying. keep putting acv on. will take another two or three days to turn black and fall off


i cant find AGV in malaysia so i am rapping with aloe Vera.. should i continue that or try to find AGV?


To friend in Malaysia

ACV is Apple Cider Vinegar. If you can't find ACV in Malaysia you can use ' regular vinegar ' as well. And be careful not to keep the vinegar on your skin too long because it will burn your skin .



thanks for the help made can i put some tea tree oil as well ?


hye friend i am really worried now as i put i ACV last night and few drops of tea tree oil its turn bigger and dark grey in color is there`s anything wrong ????


To Friend who asked about Tea Tree Oil,

I used Tea Tree Oil as well but I can't stand the burning so I stopped . I'm a female, and don't know you are male or female but if you are patient enough to stick with ACV the warts will go away soon. It took me 5 months to treat my GW. I don't have any now . So happy .

Good luck to you .


If your wart turned grey or black it means it is dying. Don't stop using ACV.


thanks for the info i am male i put tea tree oil and my skin got burn next to the GW and i assumed that its getting bigger in size as well but its blackish grey now can i use ACV more n more ?

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