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For many people this is simply nothing for than a zinc definciency. Go to the stow and buy a supplement with some zinc, thats all.

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That may be, but:

Some people may have B-complex deficiency, iron deficiency, some may have bacterial infection, some may have fungal infection and some may just have chapped and dry lips(which end up getting infected in the end).

Looking from all the different remedies being posted you can clearly see that people react in different ways to these. For some it works, for some it doesn't work. I used to use zinc-cream directly on the cracks. Though it would soothe the wounds it would never heal them completely. If the wound was cracked then Vaseline would make sure that the wound would close over night and nothing more. Dish-washing soup would do nothing special for the condition that I had.

In the end, what worked for me was strict discipline avoiding even the smallest amounts of saliva to reach the cracks. Once I started drying the corners of my lips the whole thing vanished after 3-4 days. I'd either use tissuepaper or just suck in air with the corners of my mouth. The thing dried and peeled off. It lasted for almost 3,5 months and I was literally getting desperate after reading that many people suffer from this for years!


How did prevent alive from reaching the cracks at night?

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