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I had suffered with vertigo for years and it was really life changing when I had a bout of it. My sister's doctor told her to take vitamin D capsules. Worked for her so I started taking it too. It was like a mircle...I have not had a problem since. I take 1000 units every other day.

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thank you I am on high calcium ans changed the tablets as it had oyster shell ( shell fish allergy) in it and did not realised he new ones have no extra Vitamin D only after reading this. I been getting vertigo and woozy feelings and now getting extra vitamin d


Thank you for sharing this information. I've been having dizziness for 2 weeks now.I've read all home remedy articles but this information struck my attention. Doctor advised me that my Vertigo is because of ear infection. I just realized that I'm also low in Vitamin D based on my recent lab work. I took one capsule of Vit D today and it seems like my dizziness is less. Vit D will be part of my daily supplements now. Thanks again.


I'm happy that the vitamin D worked for you. I on the other hand have been taking 2000 units of vitamin D for the past six months. My vertigo just started last week. I don't believe it has anything to do with vitamin D and my doctor didn't mention that either.


can you help me what is the name of your vitamin d


I take 2000 units Vitamin D daily and no change at all

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